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Services & Investments 

Vision & Mission

To be a global enterprise with investments across the continents - Africa, Asia, the America's, Europe, Australia ; a multinational, global impact conglomerate, multifaceted business entity, providing a strategic approach to global investments, business operations & productions, revolutionising markets positively and giving competitive returns to stakeholders. We are a multifaceted business entity with holding interests in the services sector(s) and diversified investments in various industry sectors.

‘Capgrove’ is a coinage of two English words, ‘capital’ and ‘grove.’ ‘Capital’ denotes money which reflects the investment base of the company, while ‘grove’ which directly translates as a clump of trees, symbolizes the aggregation of different offshoot enterprises under a single business umbrella. Protracting into ‘Capital-grove’. Capgrove represents a conglomerate firm which maximizes its pooled resources into creating new businesses, franchises and ventures across different fields of industry via investments.

Your future awaits with Capgrove Group - we hope you'd choose us. We offer a wide range of services relevant for home and industry. These include; general construction and building services, graphic design services, properties(for all your lands, apartments, houses, offices, commercial spaces), I.T services(website design & development), project/real estate developers, general merchant & shipping(imports & exports) . You can trust us, our professionals (who vary from architects to engineers and industry personnel) to meet your unique and diverse needs) . We also have a marketing program which pays those who successfully refer our services commissions up to 10%.

"Capgrove Group Ltd"
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We are an investment holdings company focused on diverse business sectors and developments seeking to provide long term shareholder value , which will last generations, with proven sustainable future income, which will make global impact. Our goal is to power and steer investments in various business sectors. We welcome all prospective investors; individuals and corporate, business angels and private persons, venture capitalists, financiers, capital or business brokers and all other interested stakeholders to join us in our quest for global recognition and influence in the world of business & investments. 

"Heuros Investments Ltd" (of Capgrove Group)., previously "Heuros Prestige Company Ltd". 
We are social  #heurosinvestments ., previously #heurosprestige. Follow us Today.


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inside capgrove group and heuros prestige

"Imagination to create, belief, boldness to dare & act, and the will to thrive. We are focused on building up a solid, well-balanced portfolio of assets, recognized brands, businesses, and market leaders. Creating opportunities for others(making the world richer and capturing gains for others). Underpinned by a very entrepreneurial spirit, we are a constantly evolving group capable of great agility to capture worthwhile opportunities, regardless of their market sector, industry segments, and geographic locations. [The Group also holds interests directly and indirectly, in activities, assets, and businesses operating in sectors outside of its core trading activities, to provide the Group with an element of diversification and to strengthen our investment base]."


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