Emmanuel Adu

"We are constantly strategizing, evolving, growing, and taking actions to be one of the worlds' most valuable, most innovative, well respected, and influential companies, also giving birth to impactful corporations. Join us today as we embark on an unending journey to the pinnacle of global business".



Group Executive Chairman  - Emmanuel (Osikani).,

Emmanuel (Osikani) A.A.M

Sole/Controlling Shareholder; Capgrove Group (Group Executive Chairperson/Chair of the Board, CEO/MD, Founder)

Obrempong Kojo Asamoah 

(Group Business/Project/Investment Management & Development)

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Emmanuel Danso 

(Group Operations & Tactical Core/Chief of Operations)

Solomon Omani Mensah

(Group Corporate Affairs)

Direct & Indirect: Board Members, Directors, Shareholders (controlling, major, minor) in our investments arm.

Other Executives appointed By the Group/Board for Group Strategy, Administration, Investments & Management

Chief Investment Officer (investment adviser/manager/analyst)

- Chief Financial/Accounting Officer

- Legal Counsel/Attorney/Compliance Officer

  • Shareholders & Investors (& Key Capitalists/Financers/Financiers), Directors, Company Board (Board Members, Board Appointees), Advisors, Management (including initiation, planning, strategy, administration & management, implementation,  operations, corporate affairs, marketing), managers, professionals (legal-governance, compliance, & ethics, and accounts & finance), committees.

  • Partners (General & Limited), Principals, Consultants & Experts, Controllers/Managers(Funds), Investment officers/advisors/professionals, Associates, & Investee Executives.

  • Venture Capitalists, Business Angels(personal investors or angel investors), Funds, Trusts & Offices, Wealth managers. Firms(Private Equity, VC, Hedge Fund, etc.)

  • Clients & Customers, General Public, Staff, Stakeholders (connected & external).,

Our Companies, Investments, Projects & Developments

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"Imagination to create, belief, boldness to dare & act, and the will to thrive. We are focused on building up a solid, well-balanced portfolio of assets, recognized brands, businesses, and market leaders. Creating opportunities for others(making the world richer and capturing gains for others). Underpinned by a very entrepreneurial spirit, we are a constantly evolving group capable of great agility to capture worthwhile opportunities, regardless of their market sector, industry segments, and geographic locations. [The Group also holds interests directly and indirectly(through funds, etc.), in activities, assets and businesses operating in sectors outside of its core trading activities, to provide the Group with an element of diversification and to strengthen our investment base]."