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Investor Relations


We give the opportunity to investors around the globe who want to participate in the growth of our company. We welcome investors, institutions, financiers, business persons, stakeholders or private individuals, capital/investment/business brokers who want to invest or partner with us; ensuring that we continue to grow in profitability, promoting transparency in our dealings with investors and our partners.

What drives us is the understanding and excitement of two things. First, we are building the next top echelon businesses for this generation and generations to come. We think this is a daring way of thinking but we love to! Second, is that we are again ambitious enough to know and believe this fact; we can dominate the business space and reach remarkable heights with no bounds or limitations- BUT, we are smart to invest (and continually do so) in promoting the right culture, qualities, and advantages to catalyze and sustain new horizons of success in all the things we invest in; this is realized through the acquisition and pooling of funding capital, as well as developing and building; the ideas that make every sphere and circle of human civilization better and richer. We seek to grow; to attain the highest degree of financial success while fulfilling our responsibilities to the people who believe in us most to invest with us. We are in a consistent habit of developing well-organized, global effect, profitable-fit, and diverse action planned deal flows/projects, proposals, or enterprises, accessible to all interested persons or prospective stakeholders.
Interested in all industries and business sectors from all over the world except for unethical activities/ventures. For businesses which we are unable to deploy capital into via our syndicate(VC firm), we will do so through any of our investment vehicles or companies within our portfolio(those which we invest/divest with) We like to participate in startup ideas and businesses which are iconic and revolutionary & have a high probability to be profitable and revenue-generating.
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Our goal is to build, grow and develop ventures, collectively deploying patient capital into projects, investments or enterprises together with our investors, within sectors with competitive financial returns - hence; shared control and returns. To steer investments, enterprises, projects or developments in diverse sectors:

  • with proven sustainable future income.

  • which will last generations.

  • which provide long term shareholder value.

  • which will make national and/or global impact.

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We look forward to receiving and welcoming you into our vibrant business and investments network.

We believe in realizing visions. It is the reason why we also channel our investments towards the development of competitive businesses.We welcome ideas from tomorrow's industry leaders and entrepreneurs, emerging talents who need the right investments to catapult these ideas into the world of business. We have a plan and an approach for all forms of projects. Find us or We find you; either way, we love to hear ideas/to be pitched ideas/to receive ideas, in whatever stage they may be in, and we can't wait to be a part of your vision. Get in touch. 

The Group’s time horizon has the span of the real economy and the forbearance of entrepreneurial ventures. We support our investment companies while respecting the uniqueness of their growth cycles and will tailor our investment structure to their profile and projects.

Under our stewardship, our companies will all have in common the search for excellence and capacity to swiftly venture into uncharted territories. We aim to be actively engaged in adding long-term value to our portfolio companies. This involves taking part in major strategic decisions, supporting internal and external growth while assisting in financial structures optimization, gathering a tight group of experienced professionals, all necessary functions ranging from investment to operational support.; and basically financing/funding that comes with advice/support. We don’t just want to do “deals” or “invest”. We like to provide finance/funding which comes with forming lasting partnerships with founders/entrepreneurs and doing right by them year after year. 

The Capgrove Group does not only invest in promising sectors; but also defines itself by supporting its investees' at every stage in their development while providing its expertise to boost their growth. Our investees' will benefit from large access to the Group’s professional network reaching numerous industry segments and geographic locations. Synergies among subsidiaries & investees' and access to new growth leverage are some of the most tangible benefits of the strength provided by the Capgrove group.

Perfectly aligned with the group’s entrepreneurial spirit, we combine long-term vision with quick action capacity. Our ambition is to stay one step ahead of future trends. To do so, we rely on the quality of expertise, our subsidiaries’ & investees' potential, and the strength of our enterprise values: imagination to create, belief, boldness to dare & act, and the will to thrive.

Our will is to invest in companies of all sizes & to build them, regardless of their market sector, provided they can demonstrate high growth potential and capacity to become a leader in their sector. More than in an industry or a market, we aim to invest in farsighted, innovative, and swift-moving individuals or teams. Involved as a shareholder, we invest in companies with a view to exercise significant bearing over the company’s strategy and key decisions.

We like to be involved and stable, investing significant efforts into understanding the business of each investment company and creating trust and long-term relationships with the management teams.

Our investment and business portfolio is aimed at diversifying across various asset classes and geographies with majority and minority investments in companies or businesses(private, public, listed/unlisted, startups), funds, business angel investing, private equity investing & venture capitalism, franchising, SMEs, partnerships, etc. 

We are focused on building up a solid, well-balanced portfolio of assets, recognized brands, businesses, and market leaders.

Creating opportunities for others(making the word richer and capturing gains for others).

Underpinned by a very entrepreneurial spirit, we are a constantly evolving group capable of great agility to capture worthwhile opportunities.

Capgrove Group was & is founded - as a light and agile investment open to a large range of business areas and geographic locations. This explains our Group’s diversity of assets - [The Group also holds interests directly and indirectly, in activities, assets and businesses operating in sectors outside of its core trading activities, to provide the Group with an element of diversification and to strengthen our investment base].

We also aim to invest in companies and ideas which are likely to be sufficiently established; Ideas and Companies whose stakes we believe we can hold onto beyond any investment clock, that may also aim towards being publicly listed, whose management teams would prefer to be supported by private investors with an aligned, long-term perspective; an evergreen investing approach to hold beyond IPOs, acquisitions, etc., delivering long-term value to our investors.

We invest and like to capture opportunities Globally, regardless of their size, stage, geography, market sector, etc.

Join us in capturing and investing in the next generation of high-quality companies, regardless of their size, stage, geography, market sector, etc. The best class of ideas which can make the most impact & potential exponential returns to investors. Whose stakes we believe we can hold onto beyond any investment clock, an evergreen investing approach, beyond IPOs, acquisitions, delivering long-term value to our co-investors(LPs)  - We make a personal investment ( via our investing arm(s) ) alongside our LPs in every deal or investment that we syndicate so you can be confident that our conviction is strong, our interests are aligned, and we are truly investing together.



We are an investment holdings company focused on diverse business sectors and developments seeking to provide long term shareholder value , which will last generations, with proven sustainable future income, which will make global impact. Our goal is to power and steer investments in various business sectors. We welcome all prospective investors; individuals and corporate, business angels and private persons, venture capitalists, financiers, capital or business brokers and all other interested stakeholders to join us in our quest for global recognition and influence in the world of business & investments. 
------- "Heuros Investments Ltd" (of Capgrove Group)., previously "Heuros Prestige Company Ltd". 
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Your future awaits with Capgrove Group - we hope you'd choose us. We offer a wide range of services relevant for home and industry. These include; general construction and building services, graphic design services, properties(for all your lands, apartments, houses, offices, commercial spaces), I.T services(website design & development), project/real estate developers, general merchant & shipping(imports & exports) . You can trust us, our professionals (who vary from architects to engineers and industry personnel) to meet your unique and diverse needs) . We also have a marketing program which pays those who successfully refer our services commissions up to 10%.
------- "Capgrove Group Ltd'.
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