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 We give the opportunity to investors around the globe who want to participate in our future growth. We welcome investors, institutions, financiers, stakeholders or private individuals in the various fields of businesses in which we operate who want to invest with us. We provide an approach ensuring that we continue to grow in diversity and profitability, also maintaining transparency in our dealings with investors.  


Equity Holdings or Ownership/Stake or Shares

We have stock available for sale to investors to raise capital for the purpose of financing the development and growth of our various enterprises/projects or investments. 


Our goal is to build, grow and develop ventures via securing financing by pulling seed funds from investors, collectively deploying patient capital into projects, investments or enterprises within sectors with high financial returns - hence; shared control and returns.

Heuros Prestige Company Limited (HPCL), an independent branch of Capgrove Group; is our holding conglomerate steering investments, enterprises, projects or developments in diverse sectors:  

  • with proven sustainable future income, 

  • which will last generations,

  • which provide long term shareholder value,

  • which will make national and/or global impact.

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