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our investment vehicles, channels and fu

For us to be able to make quality investments, we employ doing this through investment funds/channels/vehicles; either by creating & raising our own or joining others as investors.. To facilitate effective and efficient investment management, positive, upward and sustainable & aggressive growth, proper due diligence/checks/reviews & compliance, etc of our investments/portfolio, we join forces with professionals, skilful expertise(right knowledge, right people, right capacity), and like-minded persons through (the creation/opening of) or (investing with) various investment vehicles(funds, etc.) for specific purposes towards building our diverse portfolio of investments, assets & entities. On our portfolio page, you will discover and find a briefing on the investment vehicles(funds, etc.) & the investment channels we have founded/created/raised and the investments (it has) or (they made) in our portfolio, under its management. We also join other investment vehicles&channels (funds, etc.) (not founded/created/raised by us directly), but as investors(insiders) towards making investments and creating shareholder value.

"Imagination to create, belief, boldness to dare & act, and the will to thrive. We are focused on building up a solid, well-balanced portfolio of assets, recognized brands, businesses, and market leaders. Creating opportunities for others(making the world richer and capturing gains for others). Underpinned by a very entrepreneurial spirit, we are a constantly evolving group capable of great agility to capture worthwhile opportunities, regardless of their market sector, industry segments, and geographic locations. [The Group also holds interests directly and indirectly(through funds, etc.), in activities, assets and businesses operating in sectors outside of its core trading activities, to provide the Group with an element of diversification and to strengthen our investment base]."

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