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CSR: Our Commitments to a Better, Fairer World.

OUR WHY? OUR PURPOSE? & Socially responsible(CSR): Our Commitments to a Better, Fairer World: Passionate about adding up to the standard of living of the general public & the aged, sick, the needy, children and orphans.
As a corporate entity, we understand the symbiotic relationship that we share with the larger society and how we mutually affect each other’s affairs. Aside the scope of our corporate focus, we strongly believe in committing to other socially responsible goals which would directly contribute to social advancement and public good. In light of this, the following areas would form the bulk of our corporate social responsibilities as an organization.
We believe education & skills development remains the greatest social equalizer. The path to prosperity for any nation lies in the upheaval of its citizens’ literacy, skills and talents to be individually harnessed for collective good. Unfortunately in our society, much is left to be desired on this front. Access to quality education remains a barrier to many prospective students in various parts of the country. Many others who could enter professional, vocational and skills development programs are unable to do so, leaving us with an underutilized human resource pool. The leading reason for this is the financial barrier to accessing these opportunities. As such, we as an organization would commit to investing our resources within the field of education and training, in a manner that is tailored to address the financial challenge for beneficiaries who most require them.
Health also remains an important facet of national development, without which entire societies are compromised. In the modern age, access to quality and affordable healthcare should not just be a human need, but a fundamental right. Unfortunately, our socioeconomic inadequacies prevent the full attainment of this status for all persons. It is unconscionable that in status quo, the poor are left to stare death or long term incapacitation in the face, simply because of their inability to pay for needed healthcare. For us, this is a tide worth reversing and we intend to contribute towards changing that course. We pledge to be proactive in the provision of financial aid to persons in the field of healthcare, to improve access to and quality of healthcare received by persons in our communities. In so doing, we hope these investments yield a more desirable society where the sanctity of life is truly upheld for all our beneficiaries.
Besides these specific sectors, we look forward to pursuing targeted social advancement programs in conjunction with other private bodies, individuals, governmental or quasi governmental organizations towards specific socio-economic goals. We believe in the importance of expanding our reach and our relationships with other organizations in our corporate social responsibilities drive, hence the wide spectrum of this provision. At different points, various organizations champion social, economic or sociocultural causes targeted at various demographics within the society or facets of human life. For us, our social investments know no bounds. We hope to join forces with these stakeholders towards the furtherance of social progress via the many causes we intend to get aboard along the way. From global warming to food security, social protection, disaster management and other worthwhile social projects, Capgrove Group will always remain committed to devoting its resources towards collective development. We are, because you are. Our focus will always be YOU.


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