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Storge Capital Ltd is a private enterprise through which we operate, invest, hold other assets, manage & contribute to these enterprises.,


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"We are constantly strategizing, evolving, growing, and taking actions to build valuable, innovative, well respected, and influential companies. Join us today as we embark on an unending journey to the pinnacle of global business".

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Your future awaits with Capgrove Group - we hope you'd choose us. We offer a wide range of services relevant for home and industry. These include; general construction and building services, graphic design services, properties(for all your lands, apartments, houses, offices, commercial spaces), I.T services(website design & development), project/real estate developers, general merchant & shipping(imports & exports) . You can trust us, our professionals (who vary from architects to engineers and industry personnel) to meet your unique and diverse needs) . We also have a marketing program which pays those who successfully refer our services commissions up to 10%.
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We are an investment holdings conglomerate focused on diverse business sectors and developments seeking to provide long term shareholder value , which will last generations, with proven sustainable future income, which will make global impact. Our goal is to power and steer investments in various business sectors. We welcome all prospective investors; individuals and corporate, business angels and private persons, venture capitalists, financiers, capital or business brokers and all other interested stakeholders to join us in our quest for global recognition and influence in the world of business & investments. 
------- "Heuros Prestige Company Ltd".
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